About NachoBirthday

Welcome to NachoBirthday.com – the 1st dedicated birthday crowdfunding engine.

NachoBirthday is a Dallas Texas based company dedicated to maintaining a user friendly
platform for crowdfunding in honor of the celebration of life (aka your Birthday).

Our Story

From Curiosity to Actuality

Founder Ryan Ogbeide's Story:

Ryan came into work one day and saw balloons, cake and food all around the office as if we were celebrating a birthday of an employee. He noticed that everyone had a plate of nachos, so he decided to help himself to a plate as well. As he began to make a plate, he felt compelled to find out what they were celebrating.

He said out loud, “Wow! Whose birthday is it?” A coworker approached him with a goofy smile and said “Its nacho birthday,” just loud enough for the entire room to hear. Ryan assumed “Nacho” was a person or the nickname of someone in the office that he hadn’t met yet. As he began to make my way to his desk, he looked around for any unfamiliar faces, but did not see any. He sat down and began to eat, and asked, “So, who is Nacho?” the whole room laughed and

someone said, “No Ryan, it is nacho birthday.” He laughed but still did not quite get it. Another coworker who just came out of the restroom and was unaware of what just happened looked at him and said, “Happy birthday!” Ryan laughed in his mind and was about to tell him that it was not Ryan's birthday but nachos’ birthday, then it clicked, “Na-cho – birthday,” as in “not your birthday.” He then realized they were actually celebrating a birthday no one in the room had, and at the same time they were celebrating all of their birthdays, because they were celebrating life. He learned that a birthday can be celebrated every day, simply because it is a new day and a new chance. Life should be celebrated, whether it is your birthday or “nacho birthday.” But then he thought, “how could we all celebrate life be it your birthday or “nacho”birthday?” No the answer did not just pop in his mind. But years later with his work with crowdfunding platform, and charity, he figured creating a crowdfunding platform focused on birthday would be a great idea. And what better name could we have for it than “NachoBirthday”!

Where to from here?

Our mission, is to continue to facilitate a platform where people can come and partake in charitable and creative campaigns surrounding the idea and theme of the celebration of life, which will help make life more meaningful for all.

We would like to eventually become a global bridge between the fortunate and less fortunate by providing a service that promotes a united global philanthropy around the concept of the celebration of life, with a large focus on birthday. Our promotion of philanthropy for all humanity will provide self-fulfillment to our users. Our service will help our users use their life to help make someone’s life more livable.

To successfully connect to all charities and foundations, becoming a one-stop site for several different types of donations; help people reach their goals when it comes to “things to do on your birthday”, “birthday ideas”, and creative fundraising ideas….this is what we are about.

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