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LaTricia Robinson's 23rd birthday

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Hey guys! This year for my 23rd birthday, I'm doing something completely different!


Because I have such a heart for the less fortunate and homeless communities, I want to instead celebrate and support an amazing organization, Atlanta Mission! So instead of gifts for me, please donate to my campaign


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My goal is to raise at least $500 so that this wonderful organization can continue to pull people off of the streets, feed, clothe and present them with the most wonderful gift of all - salvation through Jesus Christ! 



Help me celebrate life by celebrating and loving on others!

Romans 12: 10-13



Cynthia Urquhart 26,Jan 2016

lol ... can you believe I donated $23 instead of $25 ...

Melita Hudson 31,Jan 2016

Hoope you get there

Melita Hudson 31,Jan 2016

Good luck!

Gabby Springer 04,Apr 2016

happy birthday

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The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.

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Atlanta Mission


Brenda Robinson

Happy 23th Birthday

Edna Washington Turner

Happy & Blessed 23rd Birthday Sweetheart!

Ouma Urquhart

Happy Birthday Sweetheart! ????


Thank you for having such a beautiful heart. There's nothing more exciting than the joy of giving back! God bless you, have a wonderful birthday!

Nate & Traci Robinson

Happy Birthday Love! ???? You make us humbly proud!!!

wysemuria willis


Jessica Harden

You betta love you some Jesus!! Haha. You're awesome for this (and just awesome in general too!)

Aloye Akhagbeme

One to grow on!!! I know some people are gonna be blessed by ur selflessness. Happy Birthday Tank!

LaTausha Davis

Jehovah God Blessed my womb! I thank Jehovah God everyday for my Blessed children! You are my life saver! Through Jesus Christ, you gave me hope, love and strength to live this wonderful life! You were not a mistake! I know many will be Blessed by yo

Brenda Robinson

Happy 23th Birthday. Aunt Cookie

Brintza Miles

Happy birthday to such a giving heart!!!

Shirita Ozan

Got it done!! ????????

Beverly Akhagbeme

Georgina Wright


Cheryl Byrd

Happy Birthday Tank and thanks for ur heart in giving back! ????


Isabell Pitts

Glad to be a part of your birthday goal. God bless you.

Linda Bateman

I really appreciate your community service spirit! Hope you had a blessed birthday. Ms. Linda, Ouma's BFF. (One of them).

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