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Hey everyone,


Today I am celebrating my 25th birthday! I would like to use this day to shine light and raise funds for an awesome venture called Driven Community Outreach.





Our mission is to change minds in hopes to lead to a change of heart. We exist to help the community (members) grow educationally) and academically, with their everyday life (pursuits and) practicalities, and most of all- to help the community understand the love and mercy of God our father, Jesus Christ our lord and savior, and the guarantor of our salvation found in the Holy Spirit. It is also our desire for whom we serve to understand and truly know who our God is. We are a Christian Faith based organization driven by biblical principles to help promote healthy interactions with the church, police departments, less fortunate and high crime areas.




Please Donate $2, $5, $20,$ 25 ,$50, $52,... $250

“In honor of my 25th Birthday!”


Your Donations will help towards our 501 c(3) and a projector for our classroom programs


  • Thank you in Advance



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Driven Community Outreach


Chase Hood

I've never been so excited about a birthday of mine before! Thanks for your support and encouragement everybody. Have a great day, take care, and thank you for your blessing. Sincerely, Chase

Andrew Rozell

Love your passion for this project. Thank you for letting me help out in this small way.

Marcus Perry

Excited to contribute to a worthy enedveaor

Alejandro Herrera

Best of luck on this organization man

Leke Olowokere

Good luck to you brother!

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Chase Hood Birthday Legacy - Driven Community Outreach


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