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Sig Mosley 70th birthday for Agape

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Hey Everyone! In honor of my 70th birthday let’s support Agape Youth Family Center



Donate in honor of my Birthday, and help give over 2,000 school age children from underserved families a fighting chance.10426801_531481160287539_726249936451707444_n.jpg

Agape Youth and Family Center (Agape) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that empowers and supports underserved families within its community to discover and embrace their full potential. Agape serves 200+ school age children and 35 senior citizens each day in NW Atlanta.  The agency provides academic support and family services designed to end the generational cycle of poverty for this community.


Founded in 1997 by the congregation of Trinity Presbyterian Church, Agape focuses on character development, academic achievement, reading proficiency by third grade, high school graduation and post-graduation placement. High school seniors enrolled at Agape have a 100% graduation rate. After graduation, 20% secure employment, 40% attend vocational school and 40% go to college.




Agape serves 220 children each day, providing after-school programming and family services which focus on character development, academic achievement, reading proficiency by third grade, high school graduation and post-graduation placement. Since 2009, high school seniors enrolled at Agape have had a 100% graduation rate.

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Agape provides a supervised, safe haven in the after-school programs at a time of day when teen crime and teen pregnancy spike among unsupervised youths. Students and mentors are often paired in elementary school and the relationship may last through high school graduation. The average Agape high school senior has been enrolled at Agape for almost six years, offering a remarkable opportunity to influence behavior and perspective. This is important because a study done by the Heritage Foundation in Washington DC found that for children living in high crime, low income areas, 90% will become juvenile delinquents, while less than 10% of children in stable homes in low crime areas will ever have a criminal record.





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Agape Youth & Family Center


Sig Mosley

David Wallace

Happy 70th birthday, Sig! It pleases me to see an MSA alum continuing to do so much for the community. God Bless!

Joe Bankoff

Happy Birthday Sig - and many thanks for the support of Agape !!!

Robert Jetmundsen

Good reason to give to a great cause!

Charlie Paparelli

Donald Marks

Happy 70th Sig! We will catch up soon!

Mark Caldwell

Roger Barnette

Happy Birthday, Sig!

Anand Thaker

What wine and book will is worthy of consuming on a 70th birthday! Inquiring minds want to know. Wonderful idea to celebrate and thank you for always supporting in every way the ATL startup community.

Robert Cramer

Chuck Papageorgiou

Happy birthday old friend.

Linda Goodman

Happy 70th Birthday to SIg Mosley!

Terri Jones

Happy Birthday, Sig! Best, Terri Jones


This is a great way to celebrate a birthday Sig! The true value is not in the amount but in the intent as every contribution adds to the goal. Thank you for your contribution to the entrepreneurial community in Atlanta. Happy Birthday!

Blake Patton

Niesha Butler

Happy Birthday to the best Mentor Ever!

James Grady

Happy Birthday Sig!

Clint Bailey

Happy Birthday, Sig! Wishing you many more! Thanks for all you do.

Ryan Ogbeide

Happy NachoBirthday Sig. It's people like you that make the difference! You make 70 look good!!! Keep on making a difference :)

Jeff Haynie

Happy 70th Sig! Thanks for everything you have done for startups everywhere.

Joe Payne

Hope you have a wonderful birthday! This is a great idea and a worthy cause.

Bill Beckemeyer

Sig, Many Thanks.

Bob medlin

Happy 70th, Sig! Have a great birthday weekend!!!

Louis Chiavacci

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Sig Mosley 70th birthday for Agape


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