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I'm celebrating my 37th birthday by raising money for ideaSpark, a new after-school program developed by Bold Idea. Students attending ideaSpark learn to work in teams to solve problems in their community with the help of computer science. When equipped with the tools of coding, kids are empowered to accomplish almost anything.

To help make ideaSpark possible, I'm raising $1,000 to help pay for 20 laptops. These laptops will allow us to make our program available to any student, regardless of social or economic status. Help spread the word by sharing this on facebook, twitter, or your social network of choice.

Please visit our website at http://boldidea.org to learn more!



Tina b 17,Dec 2015 This person shared this campaign.


Anonymous 29,Dec 2015

Good job on the video! Proud of what you are doing! - Love you - Mom

Gabby Springer 04,Apr 2016

happy birthday

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I'm a web application developer, geek, and a admirer of all things technology.

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Bold Idea


Robyn Brown

Couldn't do it without you!

Ryan Ogbeide

Happy birthday

Jeremy Davis


Daryn DeZengotita

Great work, Ben!

Don DeNatale

Hope you raise your goal, Ben.

Debra Brooks

Great idea Ben! ! Happy birthday and good luck!

Ben Davis

Proud to be a part of such an amazing team!

Courtney Rogers

Happy birthday! Loved hearing about this last year - look forward to seeing where it goes!

Jeffrey Davis

Happy Birthday brother, proud of you!

Tavis Schriefer

not much, but hope this helps

Lizzy Weber

Yay coding! Keep up the good work Ben-jammin'!!

Julie davis

Carol Davis

Happy Happy Birthday to my #4! Love you and love what you have done with Bold Idea.

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