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It's your birthday or nacho-birthday, and you have been pondering what to do. Best idea ever pops in mind... You will do a NACHOBIRTHDAY celebration! In honor of your day, you will make a difference in someone's life. No matter how little, or how big the difference you make, you will put a smile on your face when the celebration is over; because you know your NACHOBIRTHDAY effect will last for a while in the heart of someone.

So it's time to CREATE your Campaign. Below are things to keep in mind for a smooth, easy, and quick campaign creation

  • Decide who you want to do it for
    • Your favorite charity organization, A friend in need, A community project, Yourself (party!)
    • Or split funds between yourself and a project. For example, you start a campaign to feed the hungry, but you want a little party for yourself. In this case you could select the split option with 80% to the cause, and 20% towards your party.
  • Decide what goal you have in mind (just for motivation). We have seen goals as low as a dollar to goals as high as $50,000. We recommend you be realistic, but you don't have to low-ball either. Just have fun with it.
  • Write a short description about your campaign so your friends, family and fans can understand what you are doing. Write from the heart, and express how you feel
  • Post some pics of you, charity or cause your are campaigning for. Like the old adage says, "pictures speak louder than words"
  • Short video. This is optional, but we recommend you do a short video letting people know what you are doing. People will connect with your voice, and effort and are more likely to support even more. Remember, just have fun with it.

Now you are all set to go. Click the "Create Campaign" button below and get started, or "Pledge Birthday" if you want us to remind you later


Share Campaign

Now that your campaign is created, you want to share it with everyone you know: your friends, family, and fans. NachoBirthday makes it easy for you to share your campaign on different social media outlets, and emails. Take advantage of every social media outlet you have. Let them all share in your celebration

Donate Campaign

Once your campaign ends, funds will be disbursed to you/cause or charity of your choice. Now you just enjoy the best birthday or nacho-birthday ever. Enjoy the celebration of life by making a change in your life or someone else's, and the difference in the world. You should be excited...Finally there's a way to turn all of the that online birthday attention into something positive

Thank Everyone

People who donated to your cause appreciate you or/and your cause, so you definitely want to let them know it means something to you. Some form of thank you gesture will be great. A thank you card, email, text, or call to say "THANK YOU!!". Some people actually get companies to sponsor their campaign. If that is you, keep in touch with who you reached out to that made it possible. And don't forget to support your friends campaigns as well. Remember, "what goes around, comes around."

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Celebrate life by making a change in your life or someone else's

What are you waiting for ?
What are you waiting for ?

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