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I first heard about the water crisis in South Sudan a few years ago. It is hard to imagine the life these people face. We are readily caught up small concerns of our own, and few of us can comprehend the severity of problems like those in South Sudan.  For us, clean, fresh water is a given.   But the recent water crisis in Flint, Michigan, brought this issue to attention of the American public.



For half of each year, the people of South Sudan experience a dry period so severe that it forces many to abandon their homes to search for water. Women and children must trek miles daily to collect water from marshes, ditches, and hard-dug wells, water which is often contaminated with parasites and bacteria. With no other choice, drinking this water causes widespread pain, sickness, and even death.


Where safe, clean water flows, education, economic development, and health spring up. When a well is dug, it gives the Sudan people work.  It allows people to stay in their villages during the dry season so they can work and prosper. No longer spending hours walking to find water, women and children are able to use that time to get an education.


Would you help me celebrate my 50th birthday by doing something to help?  My ambitious goal is to raise enough money to fund the drilling of a new well in a village that badly needs clean water.  


Please consider giving any amount you can, from $5.00 to $5,000 (or even more). Your contribution will make a difference, improving the lives of many people for whom fresh water is so essential.


Thank you in Advance



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Water is Basic mission is to empower the local leadership of South Sudan to bring the gift of clean water to their own people.

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Nina Wallace

In honor of your 50th birthday Gwynn!

Nancy Ambrose

Happy Birthday Gwynn!

Pamela Brant

Happy Birthday, Gwynn!

Charles Graver

Happy big 5-0! This is a great way to put it to even better use!

Cheryl and Lou

Judy Greenberg

In honor of your special birthday, Gwynn! You are helping so many!

Patricia Stern

Happy Birthday Gwynn!!!!!

Anne Paoletti

Happy 50th birthday, Gwynn! It's a pleasure to make a donation to such a great cause, especially in honor of your special birthday! I can't wait to celebrate with you, your family and friends! Love you! Anne

Donna Tambussi

Marge Howley

Happy Birthday Gwenny! 50 looks good on you, in fact, are you really 50? Better check that birth certificate!! Love Marge, Jim, Tom, Jimmy, Lance and your special buddy Langley

Jen and Carlos

Rachel Di Pilla

Thanks for doing this, mom! Happy birthday! Love, Rachel and Jenelle

Bonnie and Anthony Borda

Happy Birthday Gwynn. What a great cause!

Susan and Steven McClane

Best Birthday Wishes!

Heidi & Vincent Bates

Happy Birthday Gwynn!! We look forward to celebrating with you!

Jeff and lisa Taylor

Ryan & Sarah Schradin

Happy birthday. Can ya dig it? (By "it" I mean a well...)

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