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Celebrate Life's Moments Everyday

Whether it's your birthday or nacho-birthday


Message of the Month

Welcome to 2017- the year of awesomeness!!!
Start the year off right by supporting a great cause

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How It Works


1. Create Your Campaign

Set up your campaign

Select a charity or cause you will like to raise funds for in honor of your birthday or nacho-birthday. You could also opt to split the funds between different causes, e.g 50% to charity/ 50% for your birthday party. Write a short description so your friends and family will know what you are doing. Add few images, and a short video (optional). Hit the create button, and your campaign is ready to share!

Get Started

2. Share Your Campaign

Share YOUR campaign with the world

Now that your campaign is created, you want to share it with everyone you know: your friends, family, and fans. NachoBirthday makes it easy for you to share your campaign on different social media outlets, and emails. However, don't forget the popular word of mouth. Calling and texting have proven to be effective as well!

3. Donate Campaign

See the goodness of your campaign!

Once your campaign ends, funds will be disbursed to you/cause or charity of your choice. Now you just enjoy the best birthday or nacho-birthday ever. Enjoy the celebration of life by making a change in your life or someone else's, and the difference in the world. You should be excited...Finally there's a way to turn all of the that online birthday attention into something positive

Thank Your Friends

Keep in touch

People who donated to your cause appreciate you or/and your cause, so you definitely want to let them know it means something to you. Some form of thank you gesture will be great. A thank you card, email, text, or call to say "THANK YOU!!". Some people actually get companies to sponsor their campaign. If that is you, keep in touch with who you reached out to that made it possible. And don't forget to support your friends campaigns as well. Remember, "what goes around, comes around."

So why the wait? It's free, it's easy, and fun. Click below now! LET'S DO IT

Some Fav's

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Celebrate life today... No more 'wishing' on a candle!

So it's your birthday right ? Or is it just another day? The real question is what are you doing with this un-promised day and how are you taking advantage of it ? How are you leaving your mark into this world? Why not be different? Why not make a change?
Celebrate life by making life more liveable for all people: Raise funds for the homeless, "a charity of your choice, a personal community project, school development, church, scholarships, yourself and much more."

Remember, NachoBirthday is a place where awesomeness dwells. Give back to the people who made you; better yet the people who love you. Let your family and friends join in your celebration today, and use the day you were born to make a difference in this world. LONG, LIVE, LIFE.

Join the Celebration!