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Lily's 7th Birthday wish!

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For my 7th birthday, I would like people to give one or two or three or five dollars if you can.  I would like raise $99 for the Children's Cancer Research Fund. Instead of gifts for my birthday this year if you can give a few dollars to my campaign that would be great.





linda salazar 06,Jul 2016 This person shared this campaign.

I am a super-proud Nana.I love Lily!

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Meet Lily

I am about to turn 7. I live in Iowa.

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Childrens Cancer Research Fund


Shannon Zeutenhorst

Happy birthday!!!

Ryan Pierce

So proud of you, Lily! Your parents should be incredibly proud of you! Happy, happy birthday!!

Hannah Pink

You have the biggest heart!! I wish I could donate more at this time! Happy birthday kiddo!

Melinda Ingersoll

Dear Lily, Uncle Chuck and I are so proud of you. We wish you success in your fund drive, and best wishes for a happy birthday. Love you. Aunt Melinda

Laura Hewitt

Have a great birthday Kiddo!

Arianne Felts

Lily, Ever since I met you in the hospital, I knew you were a special gift to this world. I am so happy to know you and watch you grow into a thoughtful, special little girl. I love you very much. Love, Ari

Shane Seeman

Happy B-Day from the Salamander's friends Shane Seeman and Heather Haley.

Jamie and Paige Robertson

Aunt Brenda and Uncle Bud Sizemore

So proud of you Lily!

The Dau Family

Happy Birthday Lily, you are AWESOME!!!

Cash Donations

Cash donations from: Carol W $5 Jo Jo & Marco S $2 Sandy M $3 Ann W $2 Linda (Nana) $20 Genaro (Grandpa) $10

Cash Donations

Lily Mae- We are very proud of you and love you very much. Happy 7th Birthday!


You're doing an awesome thing here, Lily!

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Lily's 7th Birthday wish!


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